KRIBHCO and DFID looking to the serious contribution of GVT in the field of rural livelihoods have promoted a National Livelihood Resources Institute (NLRI) at Ratlam in the state of MP. Government of MP has allocated 10 ha land to establish the institute and has committed to collaborate with NLRI on various rural livelihood issued.

The NLRI thrive to address following issues:

  • Capacity Development of cross section of stakeholders engaged in Rural Livelihood initiatives;
  • Project Cycle Management and Strategic Institutional Support to all interested in the rural livelihood especially in western part of the country;
  • Action Research within the ambit of Sustainable Rural Livelihoods
  • Media and Communication Services to all stakeholders engaged in sustainable rural livelihoods across the spectrum;
  • Documentation and Library Services;
  • Virtual Knowledge Center for off-campus events;
  • Farmers Field Schools addressing emergent needs of changing agribusiness dynamics across the states;
  • Consultancy support;
  • Higher Education in the field of sustainable Rural Livelihoods;


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