There is a genuine need for quality human resources in the field of Rural Development to provide technical and managerial support to a plethora of development programs being executed by civil society / private and government agencies / organizations across the length and breadth of the country. To develop rural India, we need rural managers to not only professionalize these organizations but to influence public policies to usher in the social change that these policies profess. Our Two-year Post Graduate Diploma in Rural Planning & Management (PGDRPM) contributes to this initiative to train, nurture and convert a raw pool of promising youth both rural & urban into a cadre of rural managers who have the intent in their heart to take up the aforementioned challenge. On behalf of the entire faculty family of SRM & NLRI and both our parent organizations; Gramin Vikas Trust (GVT) and Krishik Bharati Cooperative Limited (KRIBHCO), I extend a whole hearted welcome to those keen young minds who still believe in the cause of development and who still want to bring some succor to the rural communities to join this course and shape your career towards where your passion lies.

M. S. Rathore




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